Twilight in Olympus (Special Edition)

Year Released: 2004

Symphony X - Twilight in Olympus (Special Edition)

Band Members:

Russell Allen (vocals)
Michael Romeo (guitar)
Michael Pinnella (keyboards)
Thomas Miller (bass)
Tom Walling (drums)

Track Listing:

01. Smoke and Mirrors (6:09)
02. Church of the Machine (8:57)
03. Sonata (1:25)
04. In the Dragon's Den (4:00)
05. Through the Looking Glass (Part I, II, III) (13:05)
06. The Relic (5:03)
07. Orion - the Hunter (6:56)
08. Lady of the Snow (7:09)

Special Edition reissue was released as a digipak with special cover. Also includes multimedia content on the disc: Screensaver and part 4 (of 4) of a band interview series (which all parts were released throughout the special edition releases).