The Return of the Fan Club!

After quite a bit more downtime than anticipated, the official Symphony X fan club has returned, effective immediately! Originally known as Church of the Machine/CotM, the fan club was renamed SXW (Symphony X Worldwide) several years ago. In addition, as it had become unfortunately evident that a hoped-for annual fan club cd was just not going to work with the band’s schedule, the club was also switched from an annual paid renewal setup to a free enrollment membership. This entitles each member to purchase exclusive fan club materials as they become available, such as the fan club cd.

Starting immediately, SXW is accepting new memberships (see this form to sign up sorry for the trouble with the link to the form; for the time being, just send your name and mailing address to; previous CotM/SXW members should NOT fill out this form, but rather contact Jax to ensure that your information is current in our records, especially if you’re waiting on a cd.

(**Note** as Jax will be out of town and mostly offline from May 3-9, new members may not receive a response with your membership number until May 10 or later, so please be patient.)

Later in May 2015, we’ll begin pre-orders for the next fan club cd, as well as offer some exclusive merch and classic CotM bundles. There are also a handful of copies of the first fan club cd left before it is officially out of print; we’re still trying to figure out how best to make those available since there are so few and a re-pressing is not in the plans any time soon. You must be enrolled in the fan club to participate in the pre-order, as you will be asked for your membership number as part of the checkout process.

We’ll have our own section of the website and more news soon! Thanks for supporting the band!

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