Metal Open Air

Symphony X has just returned from São Luís, Brazil after playing the country’s first Metal Open Air festival.

We want to thank the fans for sticking it out on Friday night! We were extremely close to having to cancel the show due to technical reasons and did not know if we would even play for sure until an hour before the set, which had already been delayed two hours. The lack of organization and chaos surrounding the event, which had also been noted by the media, had forced many bands to cancel. This is unfair to the fans in attendance, and unfortunately these fans were robbed of many performances.

We are extremely glad that we were able to perform that night, as we are there for the fans first and foremost, and will always do everything in our power to make our show happen. On a personal note, we would like to thank Dave Mustaine and the Megadeth guys, their crew, and of course also our crew, for aiding us in making our show happen (click here to see what Dave had to say about the festival, and Michael Romeo/Symphony X in particular). We have been to Brazil many times and find that some of the world’s greatest fans are there!

So once again, a big THANKS to the many great fans, we hope to see you all before too long!

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